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Flow with Every Moment  

 Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga Sutra 2:16-The pain which is yet to come may be avoided. How, we might ask?

With wise action; by noticing the thoughts and letting them go. 

In this time of great trauma for the Universe / great shift, we might look to Buddhist canon of the Four Noble Truths. Noticing the suffering that is arising in the world around us, maybe even in our hearts, of fear, of pain, sadness and letting go grasping onto that suffering or fear.

This is a practice that’s done thru breathing, thru mindfulness, thru engaging in activity that completely allows your heart and mind and spirit to be in the present moment. 

Perhaps just by touching your own heart with tenderness,

you can let go of the grasping of fear, of suffering, of anxiety.

And then the teaching is to move from this new way of thinking, this unconditioned experience, this transformative experience of noticing the moment as it is, 

without the fear, without the grasping, wiith noticing the pain but

without the emotional tug of that experience.

And then beginning to live from a new way. It’s called 'Entering  the Stream.' 

Paying close attention, we can begin to move from an unconditioned arising.

As experiences unfold, we notice each, we acknowledge the emotional tug,

or the actual reality of it.

We let go of the conditioned fear or habitual need to run for comfort

and instead come into this courageous form of awareness.

And then we begin to act in a new way. 

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