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Nurture Your Well-Being


Be aware of every aspect of your life that nourishes you. 

This time of introspection, when we’ve been asked to

shelter-in-place, is a wonderful time to do this.


Our True Nature is what nourishes us. We find meaning in life from this nurturing.

But we have to open our minds and our hearts and inquire within, being courageous.

That is what spiritual practice is, whether breathing, sitting, or moving.

Taking the journey and having patience, finding your own path, perhaps finding a teacher.

But most of all, finding the teacher within. And once you find that Satguru, that inner teacher,

beginning to let life unfold. Things show up and appear, notice their nature.

Perhaps bring them into your heart. Perhaps learn to let them go. 

Don’t control or push, but honor. Find your place of stability, of grounding, by breathing in & out. 

Perhaps looking at a flower, working in nature, creating something, whether it be a potholder or a three tiered cake. And that becomes the practice...

the fundamental nature of beginning to find what nourishes us. 

- teaching by Shunryu Suzuki (Suzuki Roshi), Music: Chick Corea, "Crystal Silence"

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