I arrived, as we all do,  with an inhale, the fundamental breath, a pillar of the yogic practice. Diagnosed at three with scoliosis of the spine, my loving  family enrolled me in dance classes in Brooklyn, N.Y. , and a passion for mindful movement was nurtured. I  danced at university, enjoyed a  performing career, taught dance , holistic movement,  and strength training in N.Y.C. , and continued academic  studies of  anatomy,  and wellness. Life's journey, brings  both  joy,  and sorrow. My  generation, both  loved ones, and  fellow dancers,  were suddenly dying, devastated by  AIDS , a crisis that altered the world.  Searching for answers to this universal, and  personal tragedy, brought me to yoga, and its philosophy, to learn  how to live with an open heart, how to  be of service to others, how to maintain the light of our beings, in difficult times, in the not knowing. Yoga  guides us to these answers, ultimately to an expansive consciousness. The physical postures are the containers to explore body, breath,  mind, and spirit.  Through yoga,  we strengthen and align our bodies,  open our hearts, understand our minds, and awaken to our authentic selves.
Yoga  is a living system, with many schools of practice. My instruction  combines the best of,  the yoga lineages of Iyengar,  Ashtanga, Sivananda,  and Kundalini, I lead my students in  a dynamic, balanced, breath filled,  flow of postures. I teach the mindful philosophies,  of  Tantric Shaivanism, Samkhya,  and Buddhism. With fellow yogic musicians, I bring  exuberant yoga chanting into classes,  playing harmonium to encourage vibrations of the voiced heart.  My Certifications are: Yoga Alliance 500 E-RYT, Wellness Coaching- Lifetime/Coopers Clinic, Movement Analysis/Laban Institute,  MFA Arts Administration /Brooklyn College,  BFA  Dance/Adelphi University.