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Life begins  with an inhalation, the fundamental breath, a pillar of the yogic practice. Raised in Brooklyn, as a young dancer, I  hopped on the D train to ballet classes at the Clark Center on 8th Ave., and Jazz classes with Luigi on W. 55th St.  Performed in NYC,  Boston,   and  New England,  taught dance  and holistic movement, in Manhattan, and  Long Island's High School of the Arts,  coached fitness at the original  David Barton Gym on 6th Ave., while studying anatomy, physiology and nutrition to balance myself, and my students.  During this time, my best friends, fellow dancers, & artists, in NYC were  dying, from AIDS.  Searching  for an understanding of this tragic time, brought me to yoga, and its ancient philosophy, of  liberating  the light of our beings.  Yoga strengthens and aligns our physical selves,  opens our hearts, engages our wise minds, and awakens  each of us, to our authentic selves.
Yoga  is a living system, with many schools of practice. My classes combine the best of the yoga lineages I have studied including Jivamukti,  Iyengar,   Sivananda, Ashtanga, Kundalini,  in  a dynamic, vinyasa  practice. Through the  interweaving of posture,  breath,  philosophy, meditation, and mantra/chants in practice,  we raise our vibration, and commit to our awakened  consciousness.  My Certifications are: Yoga Alliance 500 E-RYT, Wellness Coaching- Coopers Clinic, Russill Paul - Mantra/Sanskrit,  Movement Analysis/Laban Institute,  MFA Arts Administration /Brooklyn College,  BFA  Dance/Adelphi University, CUNY - Anatomy/Physiology. Present studies include: the canonical philosophies  of Eastern Spirituality  with Dr. Edwin Bryant, Non Dual Tantra with  Dr. Chinnaiyin, and Hareesh. Asana practice  with teachers of  Iyengar Yoga,  a IYogaDelrayBeach, and IyengarYogaNYC.

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