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The New York Times Oct. 15, 2017  •  photo credit: Nicole Bengiveno

Breathing in I know I am alive

Breathing out I smile

Breathing in I smile

Breathing out I feel free

-Thich Nhat Hanh

I think of Sheryl as the Dalai Lama of Amagansett. Sheryl knows how the body works and what to say as an instructor at just the right moment to spur students to move themselves into new capacities. I thanked Sheryl in the acknowledgements of my most recent book because her yoga classes kept me sane, healthy and growing during what was otherwise a very stressful work period for me. She brings light to any studio she walks into. Her laugh is a joyous treat to hear. She pushes when you need pushing, coddles when you need coddling. Sheryl is quite simply the best yoga teacher on the East End and everyone in the community of students and teachers knows it. I cherish every class with her and miss her terribly when I am in the city.

- Allen Salkin, New York Times Contributor,

Author of From Scratch: Inside the Food Network



Sheryl, my favorite yoga teacher on the East End, offers thoughtful instruction, intellectual stimulation, and joyful energy. Her extensive knowledge of physical form,   and the history of movement and yoga, her care of each student, make her classes true journeys into a well-balanced practice. You’ll always feel better, both physically and mentally!


- Heather Won Tesoreiro, Executive Editor,


Sheryl brings more than a keen understanding of structural and energetic anatomy and therapeutic alignment to her teaching. She brings joyfulness! “It’s just yoga,” is something Sheryl, sensing our seriousness in a complex pose, often reminds us. This perspective releases the perfectionism that can easily overcome a practice, and we laugh with her, and suddenly, there is deeper flash of understanding of what yoga is.


-Eve Eliot, Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor, East Hampton, NY

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