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What is your perception of your yoga practice? Perception is the ability to become aware through your senses. Perception in yoga practice, allows the mind to soften and let go of thinking, so the breath may become the first and foremost practical consideration. We arrive on this earth with an inhale and we will all leave this earth with an exhale. If that knowledge perturbs/upsets you in any way then you might begin to engage in the practice of fearless perception. In every moment as you are breathing, be aware of the breath, be aware of what is good in you and around you.

Play with the idea of letting go of what you think yoga practice is supposed to be, or how you are to practice yoga. In the posture asana portion of yoga practice, explore moving with freedom and balance, it might not always be the most comfortable. Take the time to notice the aspects of comfort and discomfort, awareness and non awareness. Question what is going on in your system of body, mind and breath.

Thich Nhat Hanh the fearless, wise, and revered peace activist, and dharma teacher says: “My actions are my only true belongings, my actions are the ground upon which I stand.”

Are your actions in practice supporting balance and ease? Are they opening or constricting your breath, mind, and body? Commit to standing on this ground, this earth awake, and fearless, interested in finding balance, strength, and ease.

Each time you arrive at the mat, enjoy the opportunity to stretch your body, sense the effort, and warmth of your physical energy, notice the rhythm of your beating heart, feel the endorphin rush of moving with consciousness, and take the opportunity in the moment, to shift your awareness to these details of being you. Notice the joy of learning something new about yourself, about your relationship to others, all in the perception of your yoga practice, always beginning with breathing in and breathing out.

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