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Two mornings every week I have the joy of teaching yoga class assisted by my friend, musician Giancarlo Feleppa, and we begin by tuning his sitar to my harmoniums’ C chord. The importance of being in harmony, and creating harmony together, “attunement” is a touchstone of living well in the world, within ourselves and with each other. Attunement - finding “ a tune” together, vibrating “a tone” together, being “at one” together! How do we find this harmony, this “at oneness”, not only in our yoga practices, our spiritual practices, our philosophical practices, but in our daily life?

How do we tune in to our vibration? Vibration translates as “Spanda” in the ancient Sanskrit language, which always makes me think of “spandex”, which is an anagram of the word expands! Expand your vibration, expand your consciousness, expand your universal awareness!

The most natural way to attune yourself, to become receptive, is to breathe in deeply, to the center of your belly, ribs, and heart, to the top of your head, and down and out to your toes, and fingertips. Exhale, releasing, relaxing, and restoring your balance of awareness and spirit. Hear the sound of your breath, as if you were listening to the sounds of water, a stream, a river, the rain, or an ocean, rushing, flowing, cresting and ebbing around you, and in you.

Feel, hear, taste, and sense, the essence of your breath, and your own voice. Every day for a minute or more, choose to find your unique breathing vibration, to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Connect to the center of yourself, with friendliness, and compassion.

Let this practice of tuning in to your breathing become a habit, like brushing your teeth! Enjoy the creative vitality of living. To find this, “tuning in”, “at oneness”, let go of any self consciousness, touch the place in your heart that is free of conditioning, and conflicted thought. Find this good space through your breath, to explore your connection with the universe and once found, sense the ease, and share this ease with, the hearts and minds of others.

Chant for an open heart ( in Sanskrit)


Together, may we find a good space of ease,

may all beings be happy and free

may these wishes nurture all

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